GTB 90 Document Safe (70 Binders) - 2 Doors - Burglary Class B - Key Lock

GTB is a series of burglar tested document safe.

It is ideal for storing important documents that need to be kept under safe conditions in offices, companies as well as private homes in order to prevent theft.

GTB is produced and certified in Germany as burglar resistant safe in Class B.

Shipping and installation are easier due to the low weight of the safe.

Provided with a double-walled (92 mm) heavy door, including 3-sided bolts (Ø 25 mm).

The GTB series can be bolted to the floor or wall using the included mounting kit.

Available with either a key lock.

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  • Class B is an old German certification defined under standard VDMA 24992.

Mehr Info
Produktname GTB 90 Document Safe (70 Binders) - 2 Doors - Burglary Class B - Key Lock
Modell GTB 90 - Key Lock
Tresor Serie GTB - Sicherheitstresor mit Einbruchssicherheit der Klasse B. Doppelwandiger Korpus und Tür mit Schließbolzen in drei Richtungen. Platz für 70 Ordner. Schlüssel oder Elektronikschloss.
Tresor Typ Frei stehend
Tresor Zweck Dokumente, Medikamente, Wertsachen
Lieferzeit Kontaktieren Sie uns für die Lieferzeit
Farbe RAL 7024 (Standard). RAL 7035 (Optional)
Widerstandsgrad GRADE B
Zertifizierungsstandard VDMA 24992
Schloss Schlüsselschloss
Schloss Typ Doppelbart Schlüsselschloss (120 mm)
Schlüssel inbegriffen 2
Gewicht - (kg) 372.00
Anzahl - Regale 4 bewegliche Regale
Kapazität- Liter 609
Kapazität - Ordner 70
Kapazität - Hängeregister 15 Reihe von 28 cm (3 Reihen pro Regal, 5 Regale)
Höhe - außen (mm) 1900
Breite - außen (mm) 1280
Tiefe - außen(mm) 470
Tiefe - inkl. Verriegelungsgriff 512
Höhe - innen (mm) 1775
Breite - innen (mm) 1145
Tiefe - innen(mm) 305
Tür Öffnung - Höhe (mm) 1740
Türöffnung Breite 1120
Tür Öffnung - Winkel 180 Grad - externe Scharniere
Scharniere Doppeltür (Scharniere in Beiden)
Türstruktur Doppelwandiger Stahl (92mm)
Tür Bolzen 3-seitige Bolzen (Ø 25 mm)
Körper Struktur Doppelwandig
Verankerung Boden, Wand

GTB 90 - Document safe with burglar resistance in Class B

GTB provide safe storage of valuables such as documents, jewelry, cash or other items. Ideal for preventing a theft in a private home, office or companies.

Test certifiction

The GTB series has been certificated in Germany as a burglar resistant safe in Class B in accordance with VDMA 24992.

This document safe includes fire protection and continuous body groove to increase the security of the stored content.

Key Facts

This document safe has double-walled body construction to provide greater security.

GTB has a 2-walled door construction (92 mm thick) with three-sided powerful steel bolts locking (Ø 25 mm) ensures the door on the hinge side.

The hinges of the door have been placed externally on the safe, offering an 180º opening of the door.

Due to a 27% weight reduction, GTB it is easy to ship and install.

Lock Options

These safes are available with two types of locks:

  • Double-bit high security key lock with two keys (120 mm long).
  • High protection code lock.

Configuration Options

GTB is prepared with the necessary holes to be bolted to the floor or wall, the mounting kit is included.

The standard color of the door and walls is Graphite Grey (RAL 7024), also available in Light Grey (RAL 7035).

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