Ollé Cashbox Down (7L) - Key Lock

Ollé Cashbox is a deposit cash safe series, with a slot system to insert cash money and ergonomic handle to carry the box.

Ideal for transport or commercial companies, accounting office, next to the cash register in a store or under a desk. It has an effective system to protect the money and carry the safe.

The safe´s walls are made of steel with 2 mm thick. This safe can be fixed to the ground or in a car trunk, the anchoring material is included.

The safe is delivered with two locks, 6-lever mortise and double bit key lock, one to carry the safe and the other to open it, there is the possibility to have unique key.

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ProduktnameOllé Cashbox Down (7L) - Key Lock
ModellOllé Cashbox Down - Key Lock
Tresor SerieOllé Cashbox - Einwurfsafe zur Befestigung in Geschäften oder Fahrzeugen. Wände und Tür sind aus Stahl. Er hat zwei verschiedene Zylinderschlösser, eines zum Festschließen der Box an einer Verankerung und eines zum Öffnen und Schließen der Box.
FarbeGraphit Grau (RAL 7024)
Lieferzeit3-5 Arbeitstage
Tresor TypFrei stehend
Tresor ZweckWertsachen
Gewicht - (kg)11
Schlüssel inbegriffen2
Kapazität- Liter7
Höhe - außen (mm)260
Breite - außen (mm)165
Tiefe - außen(mm)290
Höhe - innen (mm)235 
Breite - innen (mm)125 
Tiefe - innen(mm)250 
Tür Öffnung - Winkel90 Grad - interne Scharniere
Tür Bolzen1-seitige flache Bolzen
TürstrukturStahl (2mm)
Körper StrukturStahl (2mm)

Ollé CashBox (7L) - Money deposit safe

Ollé Cashbox is a kind of deposit safe which offers high security through its insertion system cash.

It is ideal for companies whose activity needs a secure transport of the money raised. Also perfect for shops or stores where employees have to put money in a safe and only the owner or manager is authorized to access to the content of the safe, for example, move it or take it to the bank.

Key facts

The Ollé Cashbox has been made of steel, to improve its strength and safety, the walls of the box are 2 mm thick.

To provide more convenience and to fit with the location, this safe is available in two models, "cashbox up or down" with the option to open the box at the top or in the front. It has a metal anchor prepared to fix it. And also has an ergonomic and robust handle, so that it can be carried.

This safe has a very practical system to unlock the anchor with a key and carry it to the point of reception once the box is full of cash. It is provided with a second key to open the safe and remove the money. It is also possible to get a unique key.

The door and frame are made of steel. The door provides security by a mechanism of bolts (20x10 mm).

The hinges of the door have been placed internally, allowing a top side opening.

Ollé Cashbox includes a hole to anchor the box on the floor, on a desk or in a car´s trunk.

Lock options

Ollé Cashbox can be delivered with a double bit, 6-lever mortise key lock. The safe has two key locks, one to unlock and carry the safe and another to open it. It is possible to have a single key for both functions.

Additional features

Ollé Cashbox has a system slot on the front to put the cash inside without opening the door.

The safe has an epoxy-polyester paint finish, polymerized at 180 ° C. The safe colour is Graphite Grey (RAL 7024).

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