Ollé Grade IV - 6 - Electronic Lock

Ollé Series IV is a professional safe range designed with materials that offer maximum resistance and supply the safe with homologation in a high degree of safety.

It has been certified in Grade IV according to the norm UNE EN-1143-1.

Its high level of security and protection allows this safe to guard high value objects and weapons.

The door and walls have been constructed with 50 mm thick anti-drill shielding, offering resistance against mechanical tool attacks.

The door consists of a drive mechanism of at least 12 bolts on four sides of the box. In the event of attack, the door triggers a reblock system.

Available with combination of two-key lock in Klasse 2 or combination of key and electronic lock of Klasse 2, both types certified by VdS.

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  • Grad IV verhindert den teilweisen Zugang für 120 Minuten und den vollen Zugang für 180 Minuten

Mehr Info
ProduktnameOllé Grade IV - 6 - Electronic Lock
Tresor SerieOllé IV
FarbeAzur Blau (RAL 5009)
Lieferzeit3-5 Arbeitstage
Tresor TypFrei stehend
Tresor ZweckWertsachen
Gewicht - (kg)535
EinbruchsklasseGRADE IV
ZertifizierungsstandardEN 1143-1
Zertifizierungsstelle - EinbruchAENOR
SchlossDoppelsperre: 1x Tastensperre 1x Elektronisches Schloss
Schloss TypOlle kombiniertes Schlüssel und elektro Schloss
Schlüssel inbegriffen2
Anzahl - Regale 4 bewegliche Regale
Kapazität- Liter180
Höhe - außen (mm)1100
Breite - außen (mm)550
Tiefe - außen(mm)550
Höhe - innen (mm)10 
Breite - innen (mm)450 
Tiefe - innen(mm)405 
Tür Bolzen4-seitige Bolzen (Ø 25mm)
ScharniereRechte Seite
Türstruktur4-wandiger Stahl
Körper StrukturStahl (50mm)
Bolzen inbegriffen1

Ollé Grade IV - 6 (180L) - Electronic Lock, Professional Safe of Maximum Security

The Series IV from Ollé is a range of professional safes designed to offer the maximum security and protection, built with new materials in order to provide the greatest resistance in case of theft.

Thanks to its high grade of protection against burglary, besides keeping protected large amounts of cash or any legal documents of high importance, it is suitable to store long and automatic firearms according to most European countries legislation.

Burglary tested in Grade 4 following UNE EN-1143-1 Standard by AENOR

The Ollé V range has been tested and certified as a grade IV safe in maximum anti-theft security, conforming to the standard UNE EN-1143-1 by AENOR.

Key Facts

With the aim of offering a first-rate resistance to thievery attempts, new materials have been specifically studied and developed for this safe. The door and the walls of the strong box have been built with 50 mm thick layers.

The door has been secured by a drive system of:

12 bolts (Ø 25 mm) on 4 sides of the box (4 + 4 sides, 2 upper and 2 lower) for most models.

16 bolts (Ø 25 mm) on 4 sides of the box (5 + 5 sides, 3 upper and 3 lower) for AP-8 and AP-9 models.

In addition to being certified as a Grade 4 safe, Ollé IV has been built with anti-drill shielding to strengthen the walls and the door, increasing the level of protection and safety. In case of robbery, most thieves are equipped with mechanical tools such as drills, hammers or radials to try to access the contents of the safe. Ollé IV will offer maximum resistance to this type of attacks.

For additional security in case of attack, Ollé IV is equipped with a door relocking system, to make difficult the access to its interior and thus protect its contents.

The hinges are located externally on the right side of the box, meaning a door opening toward that side.

Ollé IV comprehend an anchoring system of M-16 (50 kN), which enables an anchorage of the safe on the wall or on the floor.

Lock Options

Ollé IV is available with:

Combination of two key locks with 8 bolts and double tack. With the following certification:

  • Klasse 2 by VdS.
  • Class B according to UNE EN 1300.
  • Niveau BE by a2p.

Combination of key lock (previous features) and classic electronic code. With the following certification:

  • Klasse 2 by VdS.
  • Class B according to UNE EN 1300.

Combination of key lock (previous features) and electronic code with time lock. With the following certification:

  • Klasse 2 by VdS.
  • Class B according to UNE EN 1300.

The AP-2D, AP-3D and AP-4D models, combined with two key locks, include an anti-fishing mailbox or top-wall hopper.

Electronic locks offer greater protection thanks to the delayed opening programming system.

We offer the possibility of customize this model of safe with other types of closure, like key combination with mechanical lock or key combination with electronic lock only with delayed opening.

Configuration Options

Among the models of Ollé IV, we find those with certified slots, which retain the approval of Grade IV of the safe. Many are the establishments and businesses where only the owner or manager have access to the safe, while employees or third parties access only through the slot, to deposit cash, envelopes or documents.

The slot types are:

  • Pneumatic entrance in the top wall of the box, with 65 mm diameter.
  • Slot in the Door, 130 mm long and 20 mm thick.
  • Inclined Slot in the top wall of the box, 140 mm long and 26 mm thick.
  • Vertical groove in the top wall of the box, 125 mm long and 25 mm thick.
  • This series of safes includes height-adjustable anti-tip shelves for all sizes.

The series Ollé IV, additionally, has basic shelves adjustable in height and pull out drawers of 50 mm or 100 mm high. These kind of drawers are not available for the AP-2 model.

It is also possible to include an extra compartment called Secreter, which is placed inside the box and has its own key. It represents a further step in security, since this solution can override those objects of articles of more value.

Specified models that include an anti-fishing mailbox can additionally incorporate an extension of 410 mm in length, with a slot of 122 mm in length and 14 mm in width.

The safe is finished in phosphating primer and is painted in polyurethane. The color of Ollé IV is Azure Blue (RAL 5009). This model can be customized with an extra charge in price, choosing the bright finishes in any color of the RAL table.

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